Manual updated for 2022-2023

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Refined! Revised! Rewritten! The Elections Committee and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the publishing of the official 2022-2023 UTLA Election Manual. It can be found at

Candidates and those interested in becoming future leaders in UTLA now can become familiar with the rules and intricacies of running an election. Among the changes to the manual for 2022-2023 is a clearer organization of the information that will aid candidates in contacting their constituents, improved details for keeping necessary financial records, and clearer details for what are, and what are not, allowed campaign activities.

Some key changes for this election will be all on-line voting with the elimination of paper ballots, greater access by candidates to link their social media accounts on this website, and videos by not only the UTLA officer candidates but, additionally, the special director candidates who also serve a city-wide constituency. Another key change is the limiting of who may donate to a campaign. (Please refer to the Election Manual for specific details beginning with IX. Other Campaign Rules I. and J and XI. Challenges to the Election G.)

Official declarations for running for office will begin August 15th. Forms for making official declarations can be found on this website beginning on that date. Any campaigning or fundraising prior to that date should still follow the election rules found in the manual including maintaining financial records of donors and their donations and placing the UTLA disclaimer on all campaign materials.

We wish the best of luck to all candidates and look forward to a vigorous and fair election.