Runoff Election

Candidates for Treasurer and two Area Chairs

All 2022-2023 Candidates

Candidates for Citywide Officer

UTLA President, NEA Affiliate Vice President, AFT Affiliate Vice President, Elementary Vice President, Secondary Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Candidates for Area Board of Director

Each area elects 3 NEA directors and 1 AFT director for North Area, South Area, East Area, West Area, Central Area, Valley East Area, Valley West Area, and Harbor Area.

Candidates for Special Categories Director

Adult and Occupational Education, Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education Centers, Health and Human Services, Special Education and Substitutes.

United Teacher

See the election issue. Please note there was an error in the printed version of the UT Special Edition Newspaper in one of the candidates’ names for the position of UTLA Treasurer. The names are shown correctly in this revised PDF version.


The new Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report form is now available for candidates to use.

Past Elections

See what candidates provided in past elections.