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See all of the Candidates in the current election.

FAQ for Voters and Orientation for Voters have been updated for the current election.

Learn About UTLA Governance is brand-new for this election.

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If you misplaced your pin, which is required for voting, fill out the form on the voting website to retrieve your pin number.

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If you are unable to access your PIN or something is wrong with your ballot, please fill out our Problem with Voting Form.

United Teacher

See the election issue. Please note there was an error in the printed version of the UT Special Edition Newspaper in one of the candidates’ names for the position of UTLA Treasurer. The names are shown correctly in this revised PDF version.

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At any time, you can update your information on the UTLA website.

Election Timeline and Election Manual

You can find those general information documents and more in the Information section.

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Runoff Voting Begins March 17

Learn more about the candidates in the runoff election for UTLA Treasurer and two Area Chairs begins March 17 and ends March 30

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