FAQ for General Election Candidates


  1. When can I declare my candidacy to run?

    Candidates can submit a Declaration of Candidacy form beginning August 15, 2022.

  2. Can candidates let members know they are running at any time?

    Potential candidates can let members know that they are running but all candidates need to submit a Declaration of Candidacy form beginning August 15, 2022.

  3. When will potential candidates be notified of their eligibility to run for office?

    The Elections Committee shall verify candidate eligibility within five (5) business days of the close of declarations. Candidates shall have five (5) business days to appeal the decision of the Elections Committee to the Elections Committee, or correct deficiencies in eligibility. (Article lll. Section D of Election Manual)

  4. What if there is only one candidate running for a position?
    1. In the event there are only three (3) NEA Board of Directors candidates in an area, they shall be declared winners by acclamation.
    2. In the event there is only one (1) AFT Board of Director candidate in an area, they shall be declared the winner by acclamation.
    3. In the event there is only one candidate in the special category Board of Directors, they shall be declared the winner by acclamation. (Article lll. Section E of the Election Manual)
  5. How contested elections are determined?
    1. For the NEA Board of Directors Area election the three (3) candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. For the AFT Board of Directors and special category Board of Directors, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.
    2. For officer elections, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes who has also received at least a majority of votes shall be declared elected. In the event that one officer candidate does not receive a majority of votes cast in the first balloting, a runoff election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes, unless there is a tie for the second highest, in which case, the runoff will be among the top three candidates. (Article lll. Section F of the Election Manual)
  6. Who is eligible to vote?

    All UTLA members are eligible to vote providing that they have been active dues paying members for at least one month prior to the distribution of ballots.

  7. How is a candidate’s eligibility determined?

    Any person who has been an active member in good standing for at least twenty-four months immediately preceding the last date for filing a Declaration of Candidacy form shall be eligible to run for office. (Article V. Section A, Clause 1 of the Election Manual)

  8. What if a member was on protective leave or is missing dues because they did not pay one or more months?

    If a member was on a protected leave or was working as a substitute teacher during the previous twenty-four months and is missing dues because they did not get paid for one or more months, they will be notified that they are ineligible unless they pay dues for the months that are missing. (Article V. Section A, Clause 3 of the Election Manual)

  9. What contact information will be made available to candidates after officially declaring their candidacy and being found eligible to run?

    No member’s lists, emails, telephone numbers, etc, will be provided directly to candidates except the Chapter Chair and Area Director contact list. A candidate may not use union resources, except those provided by the Elections Committee to all candidates, to access member contact information for the purposes of campaigning.”

  10. Do candidates have the right to distribute campaign materials to UTLA members at any location?

    All candidates have the right to distribute campaign materials to UTLA members at any location (including school sites and in school mailboxes) subject to the restrictions provided in this Manual (Election Manual) or restrictions imposed by the employer. The cost of distribution of those materials shall be borne by the candidate except as specifically noted in the access strategies below. Campaign materials shall be deemed to be distributed by a candidate if those materials are distributed: (1) by the candidate; (2) by a slate of candidates that the candidate has joined; and/or (3) at the request of a designee. (Article Vl. Section A of the Election Manual)

  11. Can candidates create social media or other webpages or online campaign materials?

    Yes, however UTLA has no responsibility for providing links to such materials, is not responsible for the content of any such material, or for monitoring or policing it.

  12. Who is responsible for the ballots and the ballots count?

    When an independent Election Services Company is contracted, it shall be responsible for emailing a PIN to all eligible members for whom UTLA has a valid non-LAUSD email address. The Election Services Company will also provide members with access to their PIN through Find My PIN. Subject to supervision by the UTLA Elections Committee, the Election Services Company will tabulate the ballots. (Article Vll. Section A of the Election Manual)

  13. Where can candidates find the rules for campaign contributions?

    Candidates can find out about the rules for campaign contribution in Article lX. Section G of the Election Manual:

    Candidates (including prospective candidates) shall not seek or receive financial support or any other form of support (including, without limitation, endorsements, services, or materials) for his or her candidacy from any labor organization or employer, regardless of the relationship between that labor organization or employer to UTLA. Candidates shall not seek or receive financial support, or any other direct or indirect support of any kind (except an individual’s own volunteered personal time) from anyone who is not a member of UTLA, or a personal friend or family member of the candidate. Violation of this rule shall render a candidate ineligible to run for or hold office for a period of one year. This period of disqualification shall be remedial, not disciplinary. Candidates must report any and all financial or material support pursuant to Section H of these rules (“Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports”).

  14. Where can candidates find information about the Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report (CCDR)?

    Candidates can find out about the Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report in Article lX. Section H of the Election Manual:

    1. In order to ensure compliance with Section G of these rules (Campaign Contribution Rules), candidates for all offices, and political committees formed by candidates or in which candidates are active participants, shall, at the conclusion of the election, file a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report with the Elections Committee, in a form approved by the Committee.
    2. The Report shall disclose all sources of donations to the campaign, expenditures by the campaign, and any remaining funds held and/or debts owed at the end of the election.
    3. The Report shall be due to the Elections Committee by 5:00 p.m. on the day upon which the ballots are counted.
    4. Each candidate must submit with the Report the following affirmation, “I affirm that all of the information provided by me in this report is correct to the best of my knowledge.”
    5. Originals of the Campaign Contribution Distribution Reports shall be retained for four years after the end of the election and shall be made available to any UTLA member for review at UTLA’s offices, upon request. The Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports of candidates and committees shall be published in summary form on the UTLA Elections website.
    6. A candidate who has not filed a Report shall not be eligible to assume the office to which that candidate has been elected unless his or her Report for that election is filed with the Elections Committee.
    7. Candidates whose Reports include unresolved debt may submit a supplemental Report once that debt has been resolved, disclosing the source(s) of any and all funds used to pay the debt, and/or whether any of the debt was forgiven.
  15. What is the course of action If a candidate claims that there is a violation of any provisions of the Elections Manual or of the UTLA Constitution in relation to the election?

    The candidate may request a hearing by the Elections Committee by filing a written challenge no later than 5:00 pm of the fifth working day after elections results are posted. (For further information of the process please refer to Article Xl. Challenges to the Elections in the Election Manual.)

  16. Where can a candidate find the forms needed for UTLA elections?

    All forms can be found in the UTLA Elections Committee website which is in the UTLA Elections Website under the Candidate heading.

  17. Where can I find election information?

    All pertinent information about the UTLA 2023 Elections can be found in the UTLA Elections Website. Here, you will find timelines, candidate’s forms and information, the UTLA Election Manual, where to email for questions, FAQs, Information for members, information about voting, etc. 

  18. What financial records do I need to report to the Election Committee?

    You must report all campaign contributions and expenses that are used in your campaign. Therefore, set up a record keeping system and keep your receipts and record who contributed and how much. Remember, only UTLA members, family or personal friends may contribute to your campaign. All contributions $25 or above must be itemized with the name of the contributor.

  19. How can I get member phone numbers and email addresses?

    If you speak with members at their school, a meet and greet or other events, members can voluntarily give you their contact information. Have a sign-up sheet that clearly states that by filling out this sign-up sheet, this the member is giving the candidate permission to contact them about election related matters.