Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report

    Please review all the rules for Campaign Contributions in the Election Manual including IX. Other Campaign Rules and XI. Challenges to the Election. Below are two key rules to keep in mind when completing the Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report (CCDR).

    IX. G. Candidates (including prospective candidates) shall not seek or receive financial support or any other form of support (including, without limitation, endorsements, services, or materials) for his or her candidacy from any labor organization or employer, regardless of the relationship between that labor organization or employer to UTLA. Candidates shall not seek or receive financial support, or any other direct or indirect support of any kind (except an individual’s own volunteered personal time) from anyone who is not a member of UTLA, a friend or family member of the candidate. Violation of this rule shall render a candidate ineligible to run for or hold office for a period of one year. Candidates must report any and all financial or material support pursuant to Section H of these rules (“Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports”).

    IX. H. 5. Originals of the Campaign Contribution Distribution Reports shall be retained for four years after the end of the election and shall be made available to any UTLA member for review at UTLA’s offices, upon request. The Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports of candidates and committees shall be published in summary form on the UTLA Elections website.

    Who should file this report

    • This statement covers all contributions and expenses incurred for the 2022-2023 UTLA General Election campaign including carryover funds from the previous UTLA Election, up to the vote count day. A separate report must be submitted for any run-off or re-run elections.

    • Even if a candidate is reporting as a Political Committee, the individual candidate must submit a Disclosure Report even if it shows 0 contributions and 0 expenses.

    • If a candidate contributed money to their Political Committee but raised that money through private fund raising, those contributions must be reported on their individual Disclosure Report.


    Registered as a political committee? You must first complete the Political Committee Registration Form listing the participating candidates and the office sought.


    Prefer to send a single document instead of using the form below? If so, attach your document here and skip to "I DECLARE..." section at the bottom. If not, proceed with each section below.

    5mb limit. DOC, DOCX, PDF, or XLS.


    All contributions must come from UTLA Members, family, or friends. This requirement was not in place during the previous election.

    I. Carryover Funds



    Total from the previous election that will be used in this election, if any

    II. Monetary Contributions

    For each row, include the name and relationship for individual contributor giving $25.00 or more. If an individual makes several donations, list the total amount of all their donations. Address and contact information must be available upon request from the Elections Committee.

    If candidates are part of a Political Committee and make contributions to the Political Committee, list each candidate’s name and the amount they contributed. If an individual candidate fundraises to pay for their contribution to their Political Committee, they must show those contributions on their individual Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report.

    NEW FOR 2022-2023: You must include the name and their relationship on the same line.
    John Doe (UTLA Member) ... $25
    Jane Doe (Friend) ... $50

    Name + Relationship (UTLA Member, Family, or Friend)


    III. Fundraisers

    NEW FOR 2022-2023: You must include the date of event and name of host on the same line.
    9/1/2022 John Doe (UTLA Member) ... $250
    10/1/2022 Jane Doe (Friend) ... $500

    Date of Event + Name of Host + Relationship (UTLA Member, Family, or Friend)



    List all the expenses you incurred during your campaign, including any estimates of any bills yet received.

    Examples: the cost for a website or other electronic media, printing, postage and mailing costs, mileage to visit schools, reception costs for food, drinks, paper goods, entertainment, stickers, and buttons, etc.

    Item Name


    Non-Monetary Contributions

    For each fair market value item is over $25.00: include a description of the contribution, name of contributor, and their relationship to the candidate or Political Committee.

    Allowed examples: paper goods, flyers, food or drink, photography, etc.

    Not allowed examples: sharing phone lists of UTLA members from another organization, sharing chapter chair or cluster phone lists.

    NEW FOR 2022-2023: You must include the description of contribution, name of contributor, and their relationship on the same line.
    Website (John Doe, UTLA Member) ... $500
    Photography (Jane Doe, Friend) ... $250

    Description of Contribution + Name + Relationship (UTLA Member, Family, or Friend)



    The following is automatically calculated based on the number(s) in the "amount" columns of the respective sections above.

    Total Income


    Total Expenses


    Total Non-Monetary


    I, __________, affirm under penalty of perjury that all of the information provided by me in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    Signature of Candidate

    Date Signed

    This form goes to Tara Thomas of the UTLA Elections Committee, who can also be reached at or 3303 Wilshire Blvd., 10th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010 or 1–213–637–5165.