Vote Count Observer Form

    From the Election Manual:

    VIII. Procedures pertaining to ballots and the ballot count

    E. Voting will be done electronically online.

    3. Observers may observe virtually at UTLA throughout the counting process provided, however, those observers shall be required to follow all rules of decorum and procedure that may be established by the Elections Committee.

    a. The names of all election day observers, and the names of candidates for whom they are acting as observers, must be submitted on the form provided on the UTLA Elections website no later than the time established by the Elections Committee, or they will not be permitted to act as observers.

    b. The Elections Committee may limit the number of observers if there are more designated observers and candidates than space permits.

    c. No photography, video, or audio recording of these proceedings is permitted.

    If you plan to have an observer, please complete this form.

    Signature of Candidate

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