2022-2023 results are up


Congratulations UTLA!!! The elections results are in! We have improved voter turnout by 8%. Online voting has been a success and we look forward to continued growth in participation in the future.

There will be a run-off for the city-wide position of UTLA Treasurer. In order for an officer candidate to be declared the winner, they must receive 50% plus one of the votes cast.

There will also be elections in the North and Valley West areas for the Area Chair position unless the newly elected directors for those areas can reach consensus on who will serve as Area Chair. If more than one person wants to be the Area Chair, those Area Director races will be included on the same ballot as the runoff election for Treasurer. Only voters who work in either North Area or Valley West will see the Area Chair race on their ballot. Stay tuned for upcoming election dates.

Article X Elections of Area Chairs

X. Elections of Area Chairs
B. Area Chairpersons shall be elected from among the four (4) Board of Directors Members, newly elected to each UTLA area. The candidates for Area Chairperson in each area shall be those newly elected Board of Directors members who have also filed as candidates for Area Chairperson. In the event no newly elected Board of Directors member has filed as a candidate for Area Chairperson, all four (4) newly elected Board of Directors names shall appear on the ballot for the office of Area Chairperson and shall be candidates for that office unless only one of the four newly elected Directors chooses to run and the other three decline the nomination. In that case, that person shall be declared the winner without balloting. If only one of the elected four directors has declared for Area Chair in their original declaration, that person shall be declared the winner without balloting.


Section 3. Elections & Term of Office:
A. The Area chairperson shall be elected in accordance with the process in the Elections Manual.