2022-2023 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report Summary

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Candidates who participate in the UTLA General Election for the UTLA Officers and the members of the UTLA Board of Directors are required to complete a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report (CCDR) that is required in the UTLA Election Manual.

This process protects UTLA from outside organizations who may fund candidates to gain control or influence in UTLA. It is also designed to keep out companies or organizations who want to make donations so they can sell their services or products to UTLA .

As noted in article IX. G. candidates may not accept contributions from labor organizations, employers, or any organization. Candidates may only accept campaign contributions, cash, or non-monetary donations, from their family, friends and from UTLA members. This summary completes the reporting process. Candidates are not allowed to accept contributions from organizations or from non-members who are not family members or personal friends.

IX. G. Candidates (including prospective candidates) shall not seek or receive financial support or any other form of support (including, without limitation, endorsements, services, or materials) for his or her candidacy from any labor organization or employer, regardless of the relationship between that labor organization or employer to UTLA. Candidates shall not seek or receive financial support, or any other direct or indirect support of any kind (except an individual’s own volunteered personal time) from anyone who is not a member of UTLA, or a friend or family member of the candidate. Violation of this rule shall render a candidate ineligible to run for or hold office for a period of one year. Candidates must report any and all financial or material support pursuant to Section H of these rules (“Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports”).

IX. H. 5. Originals of the Campaign Contribution Distribution Reports shall be retained for four years after the end of the election and shall be made available to any UTLA member for review at UTLA’s offices upon request. The Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports of candidates and committees shall be published in summary form on the UTLA Elections website.

View the 2022-2023 Election CCDR Summary (PDF)