Committee Chair Role in UTLA Elections

What is the role of committee chairs in citywide elections?

1. UTLA Committees are specifically identified in the UTLA Election Manual.

IX. Other Campaign Rules

F. UTLA committees shall not endorse any candidates during the election process. Candidates shall not identify those who endorse them by referencing their committee affiliation.

Committees have a responsibility to be aware that they are to remain neutral and communicating that to all members of their committee. When acting as the committee chair it is important to avoid even the appearance of favoritism. The Committee Chair is responsible to make sure the Committee members are aware of this rule in the Election Manual. As part of the organization, when acting in your role as a Committee chair, you are responsible for following relevant Election Manual Rules in order to assure that UTLA elections are conducted in a manner that is fair and that encourages the full and informed participation of all the UTLA members.

2. What must a Committee Chair consider to avoid the appearance of endorsing one candidate over another?

Section E below may offer Committee Chairs and members additional guidance.

E. UTLA Offices, materials, or other resources of UTLA shall not be used to support candidates. These resources include, but are not limited to UTLA copiers, telephones, computer systems, UTLA sponsored/affiliated websites (except as otherwise provided for in these rules)…

Committee chairs have the following rights:

When not acting in their role as the Committee Chair, members who are committee chairs have the right to endorse, or to refrain from endorsing, any candidate for UTLA office.

Committee chairs have the following duties:

Like all people who act on UTLA’s behalf, it is the committee chairs’ duty to keep in mind the best interests of UTLA and its members when acting in their official capacity. If committee chairs have any questions about their rights and duties during these elections, please email them via our Contact form.

To help ensure an informed membership, committee chairs should encourage their members to view the candidates’ videos on the UTLA webpage and to read the candidates’ statements in the Special Election issue of the UNITED TEACHER.