Elections Manual

This Elections Manual constitutes the ongoing rules by which the elections described below are conducted. This Manual has been adopted by the UTLA Board of Directors and may only be modified by that Board in accordance with part XIII of this manual. Except as provided in Article II and Article III of this Manual, the Board of Directors of UTLA has the obligation to determine when to hold those elections that are required by the UTLA Constitution. This Manual does not supersede or modify the UTLA Constitution in any way. This Manual provides rules to implement the constitutionally mandated elections to ensure that those elections are conducted in a way that is fair and in accordance with rules that are known to all candidates and members.

2019-2020 Elections Manual (PDF)

BOD Approved Change to the Manual 8-3-2020

The following changes to the election process will only be valid during this current Pandemic while schools are closed and instruction is online. For an interim citywide Board of Directors or Citywide officer election, as the UT is not being published, the announcements will be made via email and USPS mail to the appropriate group of members. A general notice of the election to the membership will be on the UTLA website. The forms, Election Manual, flyers, statements, etc. will be available on the UTLA Elections website. Flyers will not be mailed to Chapter Chairs. The ballots will be mailed back to the Election Company and counted there. The Elections Committee and candidates or their observers may observe the process via ZOOM.