How Online Voting Works

All eligible UTLA members will be mailed a paper ballot. UTLA voters will have the option to either vote a paper ballot or vote online. The paper ballot, mailed to your home, will include a unique PIN number and instructions on how to vote online. Please make sure UTLA has your correct mailing address. The Post Office won’t forward your paper ballot. If for any reason you don’t get a ballot, or lose it, request a Replacement Ballot or PIN when it is available after November 30th.

If anyone has difficulty voting online, please contact us.

Below are the directions the Election Company you will receive with your paper ballot:

  • Use the 8-digit PIN in conjunction with your Employee Number to log in to the Voting Website.
  • After logging on the voting homepage, you will find a link to view the candidate statements and simple instructions to cast your online ballot.
  • If you choose to vote online DO NOT send in a paper ballot.

Below are the references to online voting in the UTLA Elections Manual, pages 8 and 9:

IX. Procedures pertaining to the mailing and counting of ballots

B. Re-mails and/or spoiled ballots

Any eligible UTLA member may request a replacement ballot for any reason. Replacement ballots will be available from the election services company only. Requests for replacement ballots are to be made in a manner established by the Elections Committee. Replacements for any reason will be sent in an entire package. Replacement envelopes will be a different color. Replacements will be mailed within 24 hours of the request. Requests for replacements will be accepted no later than a date established by the Elections Committee. The replacement ballot will include the same voter ID# and instructions for electronic voting that were included in the original ballot.

E. Voting may be done by paper ballot or electronically.

The paper ballot also includes the required voter ID# and instructions for how to vote electronically.

G. Policies regarding ballots received and final processing

2. A search of the returned envelopes (by voter ID#) will be conducted to assure that a replacement ballot is not a duplicate vote. Should two (2) return envelopes be found from the same voter (an original and a replacement), the ballot in the original envelope will be counted. There will also be a search comparing the electronic ballots and the paper ballots (comparing voter ID#) to make sure a member has not voted twice by submitting both a paper and an electronic ballot. If a member has submitted both a written and an electronic ballot, the paper ballot will be counted.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are changes to the election process that have been put in place for the safety and welfare of our members. The UTLA building is closed. Meetings will be held virtually. Communication will be through email. All forms, statements, etc. will be submitted through this website.