2020 Election Timeline

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August 2019

August 2: Email blast sent notifying members that there will be an election and the Early Declaration Option.

August 16: Election announcement, Timeline, Election Manual, Itinerant Assignment Declaration Form, and Candidate Declaration form and notice of Early Declaration Option published in the UNITED TEACHER. Candidates will be sent a chapter chair contact list after confirming eligibility. Information and forms will be available online on this website.

October 2019

October 16: Election announcement, Timeline and Election Manual republished along with Declaration of Candidacy form and the Itinerant Assignment Declaration form for publication in the UNITED TEACHER.

November 2019

November 7: Deadline to file a Declaration of Candidacy form (time-stamped by 5 p.m.), Deadline for Candidates to file Itinerant Assignment Declaration form (time-stamped by 5 p.m.), and 6 p.m. Orientation Mandatory Meeting (drawing of ballot positions).

December 2019

December 2: Deadline for the candidate flyer that will posted on the UTLA website (digital submission preferred) and printed flyers for the Chapter Chair mailing (time-stamped by 5 pm). Candidates deliver the appropriate number of flyers to the 10th floor reception area by December 2, 5:00 pm.

December 20: Packets of Candidate flyers will be mailed to Chapter Chairs.

January 2020

January 8: City-Wide Officer Candidates Q and A at 10:00 am. The filming is not open to members. It will be posted online. Send your questions for the candidates via our Contact form.

January 13: Deadline for photos, and candidate statements published in the Special Election Edition of the UNITED TEACHER and ballot insert. Time-stamped by 5:00 pm.

January 24: Special Election Issue of UNITED TEACHER published.

February 2020

February 3: Ballots will be mailed to the membership. (Ballots include voter PIN and electronic voting instructions). Use the Replacement Election Ballot Request Form if you don’t receive a ballot by Friday, February 7.

February 14: 5:00 pm deadline to call for a replacement ballot.

February 28: 8:00 am deadline for electronic voting. Ballots will be picked up by Election Company from Post Office. First round ballots counted. Deadline for filing Financial Disclosure Statements (time-stamped by 5:00 pm).

March 2020

March 20: Second round of ballots mailed to membership.

March 27: First Round Balloting results will be published in UNITED TEACHER.

March 30: Deadline to call for replacement ballots (second round).

April 2020

April 16: Ballots picked up by Election Committee from post office at 8 a.m. Second Round. ballots counted. Results posted online. Deadline for filing Financial Disclosure Statements (time-stamped by 5 p.m.).

May 2020

May 1: Third Round Ballots mailed to membership.

May 8: Second Round Balloting Results published in the UNITED TEACHER.

May 15: Deadline to call for replacement ballots.

May 28: Ballots picked up by Election Committee from post office at 8 am. Third Round ballots counted. Deadline for filing Financial Disclosure Statements (time-stamped by 5 p.m.)

August 2020

August: Results of Third Round Balloting and Candidates’ Financial Disclosure Summary published in the UNITED TEACHER.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are changes to the election process that have been put in place for the safety and welfare of our members. The UTLA building is closed. Meetings will be held virtually. Communication will be through email. All forms, statements, etc. will be submitted through this website.